Complete Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call New Zealand has manufactured Kiwi Call nurse call equipment here in New Zealand for over 12 years and has installed Kiwi Call systems in facilities with 30 to more than 300 beds, throughout the country.

With our latest Kiwi Smart nurse call system headend, we can offer a 100% New Zealand man- ufactured and supported system that gives you all the features required for a modern health care facility at a without an expensive price.

The current system has been developed from the ground up in New Zealand by a group of dedicated electronic system developers over the past 10 years, with input from a large number or people in the aged care sector.

Because we manufacture the entire system from locally sourced components and con- trol quality through our New Zealand partner supply chain, you get a high quality, relia- ble and fully featured system. Kiwi Care equipment comes complete with a three year unconditional replacement warranty.

Your new Kiwi Smart Nurse call system can be installed into your new comple or easily retro fitted into your existing care facility with minimal interruption to residents.

Kiwi Call, Kiwi Smart nurse call system features:

  • Manufactured in New Zealand to meet the needs of New Zealand care providers

  • Multilevel calling with integrated call points

  • AS3811 compliant with added Kiwi features
  • Wireless device compatible (neck pendants panic alarms and wireless mats.)
  • Pocket pager and LED sign compatible (with plain text messaging)
  • Fast processing speed and real time call display for nurses.
  • 90 Day report generation, for audit reports. (Improves staff efficiency)
  • Affordable system with expansion flexibility
  • No on-going licences or required maintenance programmes.
  • Three year unconditional replacement warranty on Kiwi Call equipment.

For a no obligation on site demonstration call 0800 736 326.